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The digital television is the new technology but  lets decypher this  soup of   words, ATSC,DVB,ISDB-T, DMB-T what is all this soup of letters.

here goes  to decypher all this  soup of letters and  words.

ATSC (Advanced television committee)  this  DTV standard was  made in  the United States  and  the main characteristics is provide High definition also can bring   multiple channels of the same television station in an  6MHZ bandwidth of signal over the air, was one of the first systems  of DTV in provide HD resolution in 6MHZ  radio-electric  space over the air.

DVB-T  (Digital Video Broadcast) is a system of DTV made in Europe originally  was made for just support  multiple channels in one frequency, in other words   many channels of the same Television station, later with the arrival of  the ATSC and ISDB-T which supported nativelly High Definition video  started to adapt the DVB system to support HD programms., DVB-T only works in 7-8 MHZ bandwidth.

ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting)  this system was made in Japan   the main characteristic is that can offer  High Definition in a  6 MHZ  bandwidth also can offer broadcast one channel for portable devices like  cell phones and portable televisions, the only disadvantage is can not broadcast multiple channels in a single frequency.

ISDB-Tb is the brazilean version of the system ISDB-T just the only variation  is that works in MPEG4 and support multiple channels in the same frequency, the other characteristics of the  original ISDB-T system still.

DMB-T  This system was made in South Korea and works with OFDM   the difference is the following uses band III in VHF and L band in UHF band,, in the Americas and Europe  the band L is used for military communications, can offer HD and also  a  channel for mobile phones and  portable devices works in MPEG2-MPEG4 video compressions.